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Chappo's Favourite Songs

On Saturday September 29th 2001 , Roger Chapman appeared on German Radioís Deutschlandfunk Klassik Pop Etcetera. The morning programme was broadcast from 10.05 to 11.00 am with Roger selecting and playing his favourite tunes with explanations in between his choices. Although much of the commentary is spoken over in German, a lot of Rogerís comments can be heard, some of which are printed here in italics. An intriguing selection and a fascinating listen.

September 29th was the day after a review of Rogerís concert at Worcester Park , Surrey appeared in The Times and the same day Roger performed at The Wharf, Tavistock, Devon . A good weekend for Chappo followers!

1. FAMILY - No Muleís Fool

I chose this really, because I suppose this was Familyís first single hit, as it were, in the UK and really the start of quite a successful career for Family.

2. RAY CHARLES - Whatíd I Say

Stylistically, it was just so different again for white musicians, I have to say, its purely black music that influenced all the musicians of the sixties, especially Ray Charles. I donít care who they were. If they werenít, then I actually donít believe theyíre doing anything today (Ha!).

3. RAVEL - Bolero

A beautiful piece of music. I really donít dare to say that Family created anything actually as good as this but it influenced Family.

4. MILES DAVIS - In a Silent Way

This is beautiful.

5. BOB DYLAN - Boots in Spanish Leather

Spacing and timing of his lyrics, and basically just the essence of his story telling and things, this is one of the great things that heís done. Bob Dylan, who really I think of his day, did what Elvis Presley did in some ways in the fifties with his vision of politics and young people's vision of old people's vision of politics.

6. JOHN HIATT - Memphis in the Meantime

Great folk and R&B type material. One of the best Iíve heard in the past 10 to 15 years is a guy called John Hiatt who has also done a lot of work with the great Ry Cooder, who again influences myself and my band quite a lot in certain areas.


Bruce Springsteen is what great music is all about. Heís about great Country & Western and great R&B, and youíll enjoy it because itís him. OK. (Ha!).

8. LOS LOBOS - When the Circus Comes to Town

Americana is my first love of music really. Los Lobos made some splendid great albums. Again some great songwriters and singers and this is a song from the eighties.

9. ROGER CHAPMAN - Kiss My Soul

And this is a great song from the nineties.

This list compares to Rogerís selection in October 1981 when he appeared on Capital Radioís ĎSaturday Night Jukeboxí. His choice that night was:

1. JACKIE WILSON - Reet Petite

2. JACK SCOTT - My True Love

3. THE COASTERS - Three Cool Cats

4. BOBBY DARIN - Queen Of The Hop

5. HUEY ĎPIANOí SMITH - High Blood Pressure



8. THE SHOWMEN - Country Fool

9. ALBERT KING - Cold Feet

10. TONY CLARK - Ainít Love Good

Submitted by Andy Jago, December 2001, from an audio tape supplied courtesy of Dave Eames. Many, many thanks Dave, thereís a pint at the bar for you.

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