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Hi all

Klemens here from Cologne. Review of Chappo`s performance in December 2011 at Kölner Stadtanzeiger:

The Tour title is ‚Maybe the last Time’, and those who saw Chapman and his band ‘Shortlist’ in Cologne’s Kulturkirche (in Köln-Nippes) will be hoping that the emphasis is on ‚Maybe’. Certainly everyone present will want to see him again. There is certainly reason for optimism that 'Chappo' as his fans know him will be back – the ‘Rock pensioners’ outing last year was also billed as a ‘Farewell Tour’, and besides, Chapman clearly enjoyed the show, certainly his laughter when the collection plate went round was clear to see. Not least is the fact that Siebachstrasse’s Neo-Gothic Church itself seems pre-destined to present Music and Lightshows to great effect. „Shadow on the wall“ –
the 1983 Megahit von Chapman and Mike Oldfield was itself an encore.

Before that Chapman delivered a solid performance. Relaxed but never boring, and certainly not at his limits. Stones-cover ‘The Last Time’ was prelude to a good mixture of songs that drew from his first ‘Chappo’ album as much as from his latest material.

Outside of the occasional squeak in his trademark raw voice there was no sign that the British
singer is now almost 70 years old. ‘Chapeau, Chappo’, maybe next time…



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